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The Hebrew Bible in Art - Jacob Leveen
Price: $45.00
(Item: BOOK3071)
Jesus Son of Man - Rudolf Augstein
(Item: BOOK8557S)
Glenville Semi-Centennial Memorial 1868
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK3622)
What Do Religious Liberals Believe?
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK3779)
Historic Western Churches - Lambert Florin
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK3589)
God in the Garden - Curtis Mitchell
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK3623)
The Bible as History - Werner Keller
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK2991)
The Measure of God - Larry Witham
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK3270)
The Gospel According to Thomas - Guillaumont
Price: $35.00
(Item: BOOK12694)
Amanda Smith's Own Story - Amanda Smith
Price: $150.00
(Item: BOOK2799)
The Episcopal Church in Colorado 1860-1963 - Breck
Price: $35.00
(Item: BOOK2703)
Cathedrals of England, Scotland and Wales - Johnson
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK12316)
Twentieth Century Bible Commentary - Davies
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK2162)
The War for Muslim Minds: Gilles Kepel
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK11945)
Testaments of Time - Leo Deuel
Price: $35.00
(Item: BOOK2078)
The Mystical Sense of the Gospels - Somerville
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK12058)
The Saints for You! - Thomas J. Craughwell
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK12059)
Everyone in the Bible - William P. Barker
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK12040)
Nine Temples of Bangkok - Helen Bruce
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK3563)
The Triumph of the Meek - Michael Walsh
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK1310)
Our Sacred Signs - Ori Z. Soltes
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK10707)
Jesus for the Non Religious - John Shelby Spong
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK10729)
The Formation of Hell - Alan E. Bernstein
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK10731)
Christianity - Hans Kung
Price: $35.00
(Item: BOOK10721)
Butler's Lives of Patron Saints - Michael Walsh
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK10740)
Gods Against  the Gods - Jonathan Kirsch
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK10741)
Chinese Gods - Keith Stevens
Price: $100.00
(Item: BOOK10227)
Digging for God & Country - Neil Asher Silberman
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK10135)
Lamy of Santa Fe - Paul Horgan
Price: $75.00
(Item: BOOK9564)
The Zoroastrian Faith - S. A. Nigosian
Price: $35.00
(Item: BOOK9571)
The Jesuits - J. C. H. Aveling
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK9362)
The Christian Case for Abstinence - Statements
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK561)
J. G. Frazer, His Life and Work - Robert Ackerman
Price: $17.50
(Item: BOOK8553)
The Christ - Charles Guignebert
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK8556)
The Mystery Religions - S. Angus - Paperbound
Price: $17.50
(Item: BOOK8559)
The Screwtape Letters - C. S.Lewis
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK8561)
Pagan Rome and the Early Christians - Stephen Benko
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK8564)
The Shaker Adventure - Marguerite Fellows Melcher
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK8114)
From Primitives to Zen - Mircea Eliade
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK6968Z)
All About Adam & Eve - Robert J. Gillooly
Price: $30.00
(Item: BOOK6435)
Thrice Greatest Hermes - G. R. S. Mead
Price: $125.00
(Item: BOOK6325)
Mithras - D. Jason Cooper
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK6319)
The Ancient Mysteries - Edited by Marvin W. Meyer
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK6187)
The Mystery Religions - S. Angus
Price: $17.50
(Item: BOOK6191)
The Tomb of God - Andrews & Schellenberger
Price: $30.00
(Item: BOOK6195)
Millennium, Messiahs, and Mayhem - Robbins & Palmer
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK6210)
The Messianic Legacy - Baigent, Leighland & Lincoln
Price: $30.00
(Item: BOOK6218)
In Search of the Sacred - Clinton Bennett
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK6205)
Epilegomena - Themas - Jane Ellen Harrison
Price: $35.00
(Item: BOOK6207)
The Sion Revelation - Picknett & Prince
Price: $17.50
(Item: BOOK6219)
A History of Medieval Islam - J. J. Saunders
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK6177)
The Penitentes of the Sangre de Cristos - Bill Tate
Price: $50.00
(Item: BOOK5860)

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