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Enos Mills - Dee Brown

Mabel Barbee Lee - Alan Axelrod - Gerald M. Best

Charles Edward Chapel - Fancher Sarchet - Ross Calvin - Stanley Vestal

Marshall Sprague - Edward McCourt - Douglas D. Martin - Pearl Baker

Frederik S. Calhoun - Gaylord Staveley - Pierre Berton

Wayne Gard - Frank Waters - Mari Sandoz - Alexander Ross

Forbes Parkhill - Norman D. Weis - Curt Gentry - Stuart N. Lake








Paddlewheelers of Alaska and the Yukon - Wilson
Price: $10.00
(Item: BOOK513)
The Many Faces of Jessie James - Steele with Warfel
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK4692)
The Fatal Frontier - Edited by Gorman & Greenberg
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK14623)
Way Out West - Jane and Michael Stern
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK13647)
The Big Divide - David Lavender
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK13915)
Western Yesterdays - Forest Crossen  Volume VI
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK2125)
I'll Gather My Geese - Hallie Crawford Stillwell
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK307)
Star Spangled Eden - James
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK530AA)
North Dakota History - July, 1949
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK12820)
Quenched Fire - Ann Woodbury Hafen
Price: $125.00
(Item: BOOK10445)
Rio Grande - Harvey Fergusson
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK13575)
Mollie: The Journal of Mollie Dorsey Sanford
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK13399)
Pioneers: Letts and Banning Narratives 1825-1865
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK813)
Westward Journeys - Applegate and Porter
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK807)
Last of the Great Scouts - Helen Cody Wetmore
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK13258)
Virginia City and the Silver Region /Comstock Lode
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK13239)
Letters from Honeyhill - Cecilia Hennel Hendricks
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK13251)
Boot Hill: Historic Graves of the Old West - Florin
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK3588)
The West in Postage Stamps - Edwin & Nancy Bethke
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK3602)
The Land Before Her - Annette Kolodny
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK1645)
Tales the Western Tombstones Tell - Lambert Florin
Price: $35.00
(Item: BOOK13068)
The Legacy of Conquest - Patricia Nelson Limerick
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK13032)
Holy Adobe - Lenore Harris Hughes
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK13041)
Westward America - Howard R. Driggs
Price: $75.00
(Item: BOOK990)
North Dakota History - July, 1948
Price: $45.00
(Item: BOOK12822)
The Law Goes West - Forbes Parkhill
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK2941)
Santa Fe: Autobiography of a Southwestern Town
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK2940)
Chiefs, Agents and Soldiers - William Haas Moore
Price: $45.00
(Item: BOOK2839)
The Death of the Bravos - John Myers Myers
Price: $35.00
(Item: BOOK2849)
A Forty-niner in Utah - Brigham D. Madsen
Price: $35.00
(Item: BOOK2846)
Buckskin and Blanket Days - Thomas Henry Tibbles
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK2814)
The Jackson's Hole Story - Josephine C. Fabian
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK4619)
Two Captains West - Albert & Jane Salisbury
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK554)
Eyewitness to the American West - David Colbert
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK2351)
Rocky Mountain Tales - Edited by Davidson and Blake
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK2364)
Western Yesterdays - Volume III - Forest Crossen
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK11948)
Western Yesterdays - Forest Crossen - Vol II
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK11949)
The Bonanza Trail  - Muriel Sibell Wolle
Price: $35.00
(Item: BOOK3294)
The Westerners - John Myers Myers
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK4445)
Comstock: Mining and Miners - Eliot Lord
Price: $45.00
(Item: BOOK2371)
Massacre at Mountain Meadows - William Wise
Price: $35.00
(Item: BOOK2848)
California's Missions - Hildegarde Hawthorne
Price: $35.00
(Item: BOOK4935)
Price: $45.00
(Item: BOOK2802)
The Arkansas: Lifeline of Empire - Oliver W. Holmes
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK2629)
The Book of the American West - Jay Monaghan
Price: $35.00
(Item: BOOK11400)
Guns of the Old West - Charles Edward Chapel
Price: $65.00
(Item: BOOK360)
A Gallery of Western Badmen - William Waters
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK2069)
So Vast, So Beautiful a Land - Marshall Sprague
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK10948)
Gold Dust - Donald Dale Jackson
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK3909)
Travelers on the Western Frontier - McDermott
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK9938)
El Paso Lawman, G. W. Campbell - Fred R. Egloff
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK9792)
The Road to Virginia City - Andrew Rolle
Price: $12.50
(Item: BOOK9369)
Valley of the Shining Stone - Lesley Poling-Kempes
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK8809)
Yonder Comes the Train - Lance Phillips
Price: $35.00
(Item: BOOK8670)
Ghost Town -  El Dorado - Lambert Florin
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK8702)
American Highways & Byways - The Rocky Mountains
Price: $35.00
(Item: BOOK552)
Land of Giants - David Lavender
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK455)
Wilderness at Dawn - Ted Morgan
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK471)
Frontier Law and Order - Philip D. Jordan
Price: $35.00
(Item: BOOK447)
Ghost Towns of the Northwest - Norman D. Weis
Price: $45.00
(Item: BOOK347)
The Musket and the Cross - Walter D. Edmonds
Price: $65.00
(Item: BOOK350)
The Indian Frontier - Robert M. Utley
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK4811)
The Business of Newspapers on the Western Frontier
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK7788)
The Wake of the Prairie Schooner - Irene D. Paden
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK6766)
From Settler to Citizen - Ross Frank
Price: $17.50
(Item: BOOK6631)
Indian Traders on the Middle Border - Trennert, Jr.
Price: $35.00
(Item: BOOK5464)
The Northern Pacific - CharlesR. Wood
Price: $35.00
(Item: BOOK5077)
The Custer Myth - Colonel W. A. Graham
Price: $45.00
(Item: BOOK5081)
Union Pacific Country - Robert G. Ahearn
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK5148)
Price: $15.00
(Item: BOOK3823)
Gold Rushes and Mining Camps - Fisher & Holmes
Price: $35.00
(Item: BOOK2937)
Here They Dug the Gold - George F. Willison
Price: $25.00
(Item: BOOK1696)
Effect of Country Roads - Columbia, Missouri
Price: $20.00
(Item: BOOK724)
The Use of Water in Irrigation in Wyoming
Price: $30.00
(Item: BOOK726)
Irrigation in Montana
Price: $30.00
(Item: BOOK727)
The Rocky Mountains - Wallace W. Atwood
Price: $65.00
(Item: BOOK719)
Rhymes of the Rockies - James W. Whilt
Price: $30.00
(Item: BOOK120)

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