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The Art of Arts - Anita Albus

(Item: BOOK7045)


Rediscovering Painting

Anita Albus

Translated by Michael Robertson

Hardbound - Red Board/Black Lettering

Item Description: Knopf, 2000

Book Condition: Good/Lightly Soiled

Lightly Bumped/Rubbed

Dust Jacket Condition: Good/Not Clipped


Lighlty Bumped/Rubbed


386 Pages

Summary: In this utterly original book, Anita Albus tells the story -- from the birth and triumph of oil painting, the creation of perspective and the very nature of paint itself -- of how, when, and why the eye became the king of all the senses. Albus's subjects are the inventors of easel painting in oils, the van Eyck brothers and their followers. It was the birth and triumph of oil painting in the 15th and 16th centuries in Northern Europe that radically changed the way we perceived the world. The ear, though which we had previously received all knowledge and the word of God, was replaced in importance by the eye. A painter of distinction herself, Albus creates this revolutionary time in all its intricacies, familiarity and absolute peculiarity.It is thus both a dazzling cultural history and the story of two explosive inventions -- the creation of the so-called Third Dimension of deep space through perspective, and of shockingly vivid, never-seen-before color through suspension of mineral pigments in oils. Taken together, these two breakthroughs not only created a new art; they altered forever our perception of the world, and adjusted the relationship between heaven and earth. An ambitious achievement by a exceptionally gifted scholar.


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